Making College Pay

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Part One: The Big Picture

Chapter 1: Separating Fact From Fiction

Why Decision is Different in the 21st Century (PDF:489KB)

Chapter 2: The Three Main Goals

Cost, Marketability and Graduation (PDF: 241KB)

Chapter 3:  Calculating the College Payback Ratio

Chapter 4: Reduce the CPR: Strategies for Minimizing Your Investment

Chapter 5: Strategies for Maximizing the Market Value of Your Degree

Make your passions marketable (PDF:306KB)

Chapter 6: Strategies for Financing College & Keeping Debt Under Control

Will the College Investment Pay Off? (PDF: 512KB)

Chapter 7: Get to Graduation: Strategies for Earning the Degree

Colleges Are Not Set Up to Make Sure you Graduate (PDF: 323KB)

Part Two: Comparison Shopping

Chapter 8: Understanding Universities: How to Size Up Your Options

Recruitment has Become a Multi-billion Dollar Industry (PDF:254KB)

Chapter 9:  What’s Right for You? Strategies for Leveraging Your Capabilities

Assess Your Academic and Financial Capital (PDF:458KB)

Chapter 10: Putting It All Together: Weighing Your College Options

Part Three: Not-So-Radical Final Thoughts

Chapter 11: Improving Your Job Odds Know-How vs. Know-What

The Difference Between Theory and Application (PDF: 227KB)

Chapter 12: College Isn’t Right for Everyone – Despite What “Everyone” Says

College is Not the Only Path to Compete in Global Market (PDF:256KB)

Chapter 13: Staying in the Game With Lifelong Learning

Commit to Increasing Your Knowledge Base Throughout Life (PDF: 236KB)

Chapter 14: On Your Own: Worksheets for Sizing Up Your Choices