Making College Pay

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Making College Pay

     If you have heard the phrase “knowledge economy,” then you already know why the decision to go to college is different today than it was a generation ago. But most advice about college hasn’t changed to keep up with the times.

     There is a dark side to the oversimplified message about the importance and value of college. The rewarding payback for your investment of money and time to earn a bachelor’s degree is nowhere near the “sure bet” it once was. That means you need some different strategies and different tools to help you make choices about your educational investment.

     This book helps you and your family gain the understanding and perspective you need to make choices that maximize the return on your college investment. That means making choices that focus on three goals:

  • Minimize your college costs.
  • Increase your marketability.
  • Improve your likelihood of graduating.

Making College Pay helps you:

  • Evaluate colleges based on four key characteristics.
  • Find this important information – for free.
  • Get a better understanding of the real cost of attending college for four, five or six years. 
  • Estimate how long it will take for you to see any payback on your education investment.
  • Gain the skills that will set you apart in the job market.
  • Improve your odds of success – graduation.


What Makes
This Advice

We draw on years of teaching strategy and management, of reporting on personal finance issues, of creating strategic plans for universities, and of exploring the topic of college choice and return on investment.

This book takes an approach to the college decision that not everyone will embrace. But we wish more would. We explore the college choice as a family investment.

By incorporating basic business principles into the college choice, we give you the understanding and tools to make better and more financially rational decisions.